2015 Contradance Calendar


A premium-quality wall calendar showcasing contradance communities around the country, featuring Doug Plummer's dance photography.

The Contradance Calendar has become a tradition and a treasured object in many dancers' homes since 2012. Doug has been documenting the contradance scene and making joy the subject of his personal photography for decades. Doug's work is now widely known within the contradance subculture, and the calendar is the most visible product of this larger project, to show the feeling of dance, music, and movement, and to show the community bonds that this music and dance give us.

The communities that Doug documents in the calendar are nationwide. The 2015 calendar includes dances in New England, Utah, Kentucky, California, and the Pacific NW. It represents the entire ecosystem of contradance, from destination weekends to rural community dances, from the big-name bands to the house sessions in our living rooms.

A portion of any profit from calendar sales goes to the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS), the pre-eminent and oldest folk arts organization in North America, which supports local communities in nurturing participatory arts.

For more about Doug, visit www.dougplummer.com.

For more about CDSS, visit www.cdss.org.

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